September 2012

Best Moment of the Presidential Campaign

Although the overall campaign was very negative, the humor at the Al Smith Dinner in New York was outstanding, regardless of your political affiliation.



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New data on TV Advertising and price promotion from Journal of Advertising Research


A new study published in the September 2012 Journal of Advertising Research debunks
some standard assumptions about advertising and retails sales. Researchers from TRA
and Dunhumby USA analyzed consumer purchase behavior from 60 million households
in the US and matched the data against measurements of television viewing habits
from more than 2 million “set-top box” households to determine the proper mix of
television advertising, in-store advertising and price for long-term ROI. Some key
finding were:


The three strongest drivers of positive brand purchase change were pricing, TV advertising and display
Simultaneous TV advertising and temporary price reductions drove significantly higher sales than either tactic alone
Simultaneous use of price reduction, display with TV advertising increases sales an average of 11 times versus TV advertising alone.

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