November 2012

Excellent Quote on Taking Action

“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must be first overcome.” -Samuel Johnson


Many companies and executives suffer from fear of failure.  In their focus on making sure every initiative is foolproof before launch, they are constantly beaten in market by competition that takes intelligent risks.

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Fun. A Great New Alternative Band.

First alternative band since Green Day to have first 2 hits make #1 on billboard.  Here is a link to “Some nights.”  Check them out!


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Stand and Deliver Campaign Kicks Off


Our advertising for the Stand and Deliver contest, sponsored by Asclera kicked off November 1 on Syndicated TV with supporting collateral materials.  Online and social advertising programs will be added in December.  The program recognizes inspirational women involved with non-profit organizations.  The deadline for nominations is December 31.


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