June 2016

What are people worried about these days?

As marketers, we need to stay on top of how people view our products and categories, but even more importantly what are the core motivations and worries that drive life choices. This interesting research from Shullman shows that health and money are weighing on the mind of most adults, while millenials are more worried about employment than anything else. How do our products solve these concerns?

What are people worried about – Shullman research

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Overall time spent with media still huge, but growth is slowing

The average American consumer spends a whopping 12 hours per day consuming media. However, the growth is slowing – projecting to increase by only 8 minutes in the next 3 years vs. 1 hour in the past 4 years. Multi-tasking with mobile devices is the cause of the slowing trend. Digital is now a more significant amount of time than TV at over 5 hours per day with over half on mobile devices. Mobile and TV will still be workhorse mediums over the next 3 years.

Time spent with media slowing – emarketer

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