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New Survey: Advertisers Are Increasingly Frustrated with Agencies

Big agencies handle the majority of advertising dollars, but they don’t articulate a better value proposition to clients, and 73% of the panel believes that small and medium size agencies are more creative. The advertising holding companies fair even worse, and 85% think that they have not improved service to clients, and view them as inefficient and unable to overcome internal territorial disputes.


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New IPSOS Research on Mobile Device Usage

New research from IPSOS reinforces the growing trend toward usage of smaller devices.  82% of consumers use a mobile phone, 66% use laptops (now higher than desktop usage) and 17% use tablets.  Marketers must make sure their online campaigns are reaching this audience and their landing pages/web sites are optimized for these devices.

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Americans are Fed Up with Bad Ads

Good advertising is more critical than ever. Now, it’s not just breaking through the clutter, but delivering something that won’t permanently turn off your audience.   Almost a quarter (23%) of Americans say they will ignore a company completely after seeing just one spam email or online ad, and 43% say they will ignore a company completely after seeing as many as two.

Americans hate bad ads

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How to Find and Do Work You Love

A great perspective on work from a career management expert. 80% of people don’t enjoy what they do. How do you become one of the 20%? Know yourself, try the impossible, surround yourself with inspiring people.

Remember… “Taking jobs to build up your resume is the same as saving sex for old age.” – Warren Buffet.


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10 Decisions That Saved Great Movies

In movie making (and marketing), sometimes the best decisions are the things you decide not to do.  This is an interesting video showing some close calls that might have ruined some classic movies.

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Positivity Can Make You A Problem Solver

Informative article based on findings from University of North Carolina Professor Barbara Fredrickson. Negative emotions undermine the brain’s capacity to think broadly and find creative solutions. The vise grip of fear and stress and the emotions they generate limit thought to a narrow field that obscures options. In a work environment, negativity causes teams to lose flexibility and the ability to be curious. Positive emotions expand awareness and attention.



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IAB Proposed Guidelines on HTML5 Ads

The industry is trying to standardize HTML5 ads to help create better and more seamless ad performance across desktop and mobile platforms. This proposed document from the IAB is intended to be a framework to expand use of HTML5 ads and move from design based ad development. The document is open for comment until June 10.

IAB HTML5 Guidelines


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