Americans are Fed Up with Bad Ads

Good advertising is more critical than ever. Now, it’s not just breaking through the clutter, but delivering something that won’t permanently turn off your audience.   Almost a quarter (23%) of Americans say they will ignore a company completely after seeing just one spam email or online ad, and 43% say they will ignore a company completely after seeing as many as two.

Americans hate bad ads

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IAB Proposed Guidelines on HTML5 Ads

The industry is trying to standardize HTML5 ads to help create better and more seamless ad performance across desktop and mobile platforms. This proposed document from the IAB is intended to be a framework to expand use of HTML5 ads and move from design based ad development. The document is open for comment until June 10.

IAB HTML5 Guidelines

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Although Print Declining, Readership Steady Among Wealthy Women

An October 2012 IPSOS survey, shows that Affluents (HHI $100k+) continue to reaffirm the power of the hard copy print publications in their lives, even as tablet and smartphone penetration grows disproportionately in this demographic. Affluent Women and Ultra Affluents (HHI $250k+) are particularly heavy print consumers, with highest reach and number of titles and issues read.


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New data on TV Advertising and price promotion from Journal of Advertising Research


A new study published in the September 2012 Journal of Advertising Research debunks
some standard assumptions about advertising and retails sales. Researchers from TRA
and Dunhumby USA analyzed consumer purchase behavior from 60 million households
in the US and matched the data against measurements of television viewing habits
from more than 2 million “set-top box” households to determine the proper mix of
television advertising, in-store advertising and price for long-term ROI. Some key
finding were:


The three strongest drivers of positive brand purchase change were pricing, TV advertising and display
Simultaneous TV advertising and temporary price reductions drove significantly higher sales than either tactic alone
Simultaneous use of price reduction, display with TV advertising increases sales an average of 11 times versus TV advertising alone.

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Increasing Use of Mobile as Primary Internet Device

A new Pew research study shows illustrates the growing importance of mobile in your online marketing programs.  17% of all cell phone users now use their mobile device as the primary device to visit the internet.  There are significant differences by geography and demographics.  Marketers need to ensure their online plans don’t miss this segment of the population.

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