QR Codes are making a comeback

In the past 2 years, QR codes have made a come back due to:

  1. Ability of iPhones and Android phone to scan codes with the standard camera vs. separate app
  2. Increased demand for no touch solutions during COVID-19

The number of advertisers using QR codes increased 160% in Q2 2020 vs. year ago while the number of impressions increased 62% (Media Post).  Some areas of increased usage include signs at public places, restaurants, and retail as well as usage in TV commercials as a way to get people online faster and track ad performance without using a complicated custom url for every spot.

From a consumer perspective, MobileIron completed a survey of +2,000 consumers and found:

  • 54% have seen increase in QR codes since COVID
  • Top places they’ve seen QR codes are restaurants, retailers, banks, doctor’s office, and packaging
  • 67% feel that QR codes make life easier
  • 58% would like to see them used more
  • People are less comfortable using QR codes for payments or voting, but can see doing it in the future

Here is a link to the full research report.

If you haven’t started using QR codes again, you should consider ways it can enhance and expedite your connection to your audience.