Radiesse Case Study


Radiesse was a small player in the highly competitive dermal filler market, but the only volumizing filler on the market. It had a small, loyal following, but the potential for the product was much higher if only people knew about it and understood how it was different. Radiesse needed to break out of the pack and increase market share or be relegated to a niche brand.

183 Strategic

183 worked with the Radiesse brand team to create targeted campaigns to the two key audiences for fillers. The campaigns enabled Radiesse to seem like a larger established brand to physicians and patients.

Mens Campaign

For the growing men’s audience, 183 developed a new brand and a campaign that spoke to middle aged men honestly about aging, offering a new proposition that resonated. The Hide the Evidence campaign celebrates a man’s life and connects to their desire to keep their edge as they age. The proposition retained the critical core product message that has been communicated to women but packaged it in a completely new way.

Womens Campaign

For women, 183 identified that Radiesse’s long-lasting product benefit also held a hidden emotional trigger. Radiesse did more than remove wrinkles, it gave women back a confidence that would last. Our Ballerina spot expressed this emotion to give the brand an uplifting, authentic human quality it can own going forward. 183 developed an integrated TV and Print DR campaign drove 5X category growth in 3 months. 183’s media buy was efficient to help this small brand seem much larger in market and have a big impact.