Caire Case Study


Caire has been a leading provider of oxygen equipment in both commercial and consumer categories for over 50 years However, awareness and image of the company in the market did not match the quality of product and service they provide. They needed to look and sound like a leader to compete with larger conglomerates and drive to a new level of growth.

183 Strategic

183 used Caire’s specialization in oxygen as a unique strength vs. larger companies that may do not have this focus, depth and passion for oxygen products. With the launch of the “O2 is what we do” campaign, what was once perceived as a weakness became a badge of honor. Caire is changing perceptions and growing well above the category norms.

Look big. Think small.

With a small budget, 183 developed video stories for the company and a its business segments to bring the O2 is what we do story to life, in a high quality but efficient production.

A Fresh Face Online

183 consolidated Caire’s multiple websites into a new a modern design based on the new positioning. New site features, video, clean design and easy navigation. Customer and employee testimonials added stature and weight to the story.