Marketing predictions for 2021

A new report from Gartner analyzes how the turmoil from 2020 (COVID, racial tension, political unrest, recession, etc.) will impact marketing for the future. They have made 6 predictions that we all should consider as we plan for 2021:

1. Major shift to real-time, virtual events – Need to think of this as the standard going forward, optimizing the virtual user experience

2. Shift from channel-based strategies to customer-centric, channel-agnostic – Need to think customer first and get a multiplying effect from an omni-channel approach

3. Continued growth in subscription model pricing – With increased competition, strategies to differentiate your offering and retain your customers will be even more important

4. Due to digital acceleration, customer experience (CX) function increasingly merged into marketing and sales – Higher need to look for an eliminate organization redundancies, share data and map all elements of the customer journey from high in the funnel prospects to loyal customers

5. Increased employee activism – Need to monitor and help guide employee comments and attitudes to help protect brand image

6. Increased emphasis on content moderation – Need to utilize the latest tools to help to maintain brand safety in user generated content


Download the full report here for full information:
Gartner Marketing Predictions 2021 & Beyond