Will it Blend? Tablet Version.

The most recent Blendtech video, showing what top tablet products iPad mini, Kindle and Nexus look like going through a blender.  The company has been hugely successful driving sales using these videos as a primary tool.


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Fun. A Great New Alternative Band.

First alternative band since Green Day to have first 2 hits make #1 on billboard.  Here is a link to “Some nights.”  Check them out!


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Best Moment of the Presidential Campaign

Although the overall campaign was very negative, the humor at the Al Smith Dinner in New York was outstanding, regardless of your political affiliation.



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183 Calorie Burger Recipe – Get More for Less

Smart recipe from Kaiser to get all the flavor you want in a burger for far less calories.  Just like how we create advertising for you.

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The Happy Secret to Better Work

Entertaining video from Positive Psychology researcher and author Shawn Achor illustrates how happiness inspires productivity.  We highly recommend his book “The Happiness Advantage.”

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Band from the Buick Commercial

The Buick commercial that tries to get people to buy a $23,000 car just because it offers Pandora Radio may be a strategic blunder, but the Neon Trees are a great band.  Check out the full song from the commercial at the link below.

Everybody Talks Video

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The Pitch – A New Reality TV Show

The Pitch is an entertaining new show on AMC. Watch agencies pitch against one another to win business. It’s “the Apprentice” meets advertising. The show is funny and realistic (sometimes sad) as to how most agencies operate. However, if you watch it and want to work with them, you’re probably not a good match for us 😉

The Pitch Info

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