Hill Physicians


Hill Physicians Medical Group competes in a market dominated by the large insurance providers. They needed a position that would give patients a good reason to pick them over the giants.

183 Strategic

Hill’s low profile and small budget required a simple impactful idea to resonate and break through the clutter with a wide variety of patients.

Research pointed to the fact that many patients felt they were not getting the individual attention they would like. Rather than focusing on a fragmented universe of needs, 183 developed an idea that captured patient’s hopes for what their care should be. Hill was the place to Get the healthcare you deserve. The campaign has contributed to consistent member growth after several years of decline.

Year 1

In the launch campaign for “Get the healthcare you deserve” the message differentiated Hill from large healthcare providers by emphasizing that Hill doctors don’t treat people as a number, they know and are concerned about their patients.

A TV and outdoor campaign emphasized each patient as an individual needing the personal care that Hill could provide.

Year 2

In year two, the campaign highlighted the outstanding relationships and care patients get from Hill doctors to show how they can better Get the healthcare they deserve.

Year 3

In year 3, 183 refreshed the campaign with humorous ads that exaggerated commonly frustrating healthcare situations to illustrate how Hill can give them the care they deserve.